Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lengthy Update

I apologize for not having posted in a while because the whole last week was just filled with meetings and hangouts and dinners and etc... It all seems like such a blur now. But despite my busy schedule, I have been shopping rather recklessly!  So there are many updates to share with everyone.

Lets start with my "diamond in the sky" nails as Maggie terms it.  Jessie's Nails first did this gradient design and wowed us. It is super simple (and error-proof) but simplicity doesn't mean that the look of sophistication and elegance has been compromised with. For this weekend, I decided to give it a go also.

Milani Nail Treatment - Smooth Base Coat
Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Kaleidoscope
Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Sparked
Seche Vite -  Dry Fast Top Coat

I also bought the Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel in Black & Gold. With some connections, I was able to get this bag for half the price! HOWEVER, I will be exchanging this bag for another because the leather is slightly misaligned (ripped?) where one of the handles are.  For such an expensive bag, there's no way I will settle for something not in perfect condition. 

Below is a picture of the flaw. The Michael Kors store nearest me already told me that they are willing to exchange it with a new one once this style is restocked.

It's not as roomy as I imagined it to be either. From the picture below, it's only slightly larger than the size of your standard notebook. Oh well, won't be using this for school too much - probably mostly for work and outings that do not require much to carry.

Banana Republic had a sale where you can take an extra 30% off your purchase last week. I hopped on it by ordering two striped button downs and a sweater. I am really trying to stock up on basics for office attire. And since I have always been a fan of Banana Republic's petite friendly sizing, I couldn't resist. The sale is over but they still have sizes!

Upon one visit to the BR in the Westchester Mall, I picked up a solid red button down also that I paid a few dollars less than the online price. BR definitely has better sales in stores but most of the time, it is impossible to find my size. The color I bought isn't online but here is the link to it: Petite Non-Iron Fitted Sateen Shirt.

Below are some pictures of possible outfits that I would wear with my purchases, taken by my dearest brother's fiancee, Janet. I'm so glad she helped me out because I am still tripod-less and taking super awkward shots of myself. We had such a great time on our little "photo shoot." lol

 Red BR Shirt
Crewcuts Sweater
Brown H&M Treggings 

 What the shirt would look like alone and tucked in. The fit of this one is the same as the striped shirts.

BR Purple Iris Sweater
BR Deep Eggplant Shirt
(The stripes are a lot darker than as shown on the model. And eggplant is rather misleading - there's really no hint of purple at all. It's definitely more of a black/dark grey)
Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel
 Gap True Straight Pants

 Same as above but switched up with a Grey BR pencil skirt

BR Raspberry Ice Shirt
H&M Woven Blazer
H&M Grey Divided Jeggings
MK Hamilton Satchel
This is definitely the most modelesque picture of the night! haha It's not the greatest picture to showcase the top but my camera subsequently ran out of batteries after this shot so we decided to call it an end to our photo session. 

To officially end the night though, I painted diamonds onto Janet's nails too with which she was very happy with. Mine are on the left, hers on the right.

Now, it's finally time to end my night and go catch some Z's. Until next time, hope every have a happy Chinese New Year!! Can't wait for them red envelopes. :)



  1. I LOVE THIS POST! YAYYYYYY!!! :D Awesome job with the nails! I love it!!! Add another label "glitter gradient nails", "glitter gradient" etc etc haha

  2. Love the black belt with the gold/red buckle. Where is it from?