Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leopard Print and Green

I've always had an obsession with leopard print and lately I've been loving the combination of leopard print and the color green.

I've already sported this combo this winter with my favorite leopard shirt and olive green sweater.
Leopard Shirt: Old Navy
Olive Green Sweater: Uniqlo
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Ralph Lauren

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Green Gingham Meets Riding Boots

The composition of my weekend shopping outfit consists of...

 H&M Green Gingham Flannel Shirt - Size 2
(For more pictures, you can check out Extra Petite who did a review on this green flannel shirt.  H&M offers it in pink and blue as well. See link here.)
H&M Knit Blazer - Size 2
Silence & Noise Skinny Jeans - Size 24
Gap Kids Leather Belt 
Aldo Riding Boots - Size 6

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Quick Aldo Shoes Review

I've always stalked Aldo's website for boots, flats, and heels.  In an honest review, their shoes are not designed with comfort as a top priority.  But the material is decent for sale prices. And their styles are so diverse that I almost always find something that I like - now it's just a matter of whether or not I like the price tag. Hence, I use the word "stalk" because I patiently wait for $100+ pumps drop till I can take them home for around $20!

My last purchase from Aldo included these lovely oxford heels: Mondella - Size 6. Amazingly, these are super comfortable.  The 2.5 inch block heel gives me stable steps and extra height. At the current price of $31.49 and a 10% additional discount with the code: LUCKYU31511, this drops down to $28.35.  Also, they have free shipping on any order. They will definitely make an appearance in pictures soon because I've been wearing these to death lately. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OOTD, NATM & My New Accessory

Today's warm weather allowed me to break out my new jacket and here's how I wore it.
Abercrombie & Fitch Jacket in XS (Similar here without toggles)
Forever 21 Sweater in XS
Club Monaco Chambray Shirt (Similar here)

 I'm normally very weary about buying things from A&F, Hollister, American Eagle (they can make petites like me look like I'm 12 years old), but with an extra 50% off the already sale price, I decided to give it a try. I'm glad that the moose logo camouflages under the pocket because I quite like this jacket. I'm a fan of toggles and the fact that these straps are leather (be it real or faux) is an added plus for me. 

I also painted my nails yesterday...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Lengthy Update

I apologize for not having posted in a while because the whole last week was just filled with meetings and hangouts and dinners and etc... It all seems like such a blur now. But despite my busy schedule, I have been shopping rather recklessly!  So there are many updates to share with everyone.

Lets start with my "diamond in the sky" nails as Maggie terms it.  Jessie's Nails first did this gradient design and wowed us. It is super simple (and error-proof) but simplicity doesn't mean that the look of sophistication and elegance has been compromised with. For this weekend, I decided to give it a go also.

Milani Nail Treatment - Smooth Base Coat
Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Kaleidoscope
Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Sparked
Seche Vite -  Dry Fast Top Coat

I also bought the Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel in Black & Gold. With some connections, I was able to get this bag for half the price! HOWEVER, I will be exchanging this bag for another because the leather is slightly misaligned (ripped?) where one of the handles are.  For such an expensive bag, there's no way I will settle for something not in perfect condition. 

Below is a picture of the flaw. The Michael Kors store nearest me already told me that they are willing to exchange it with a new one once this style is restocked.

It's not as roomy as I imagined it to be either. From the picture below, it's only slightly larger than the size of your standard notebook. Oh well, won't be using this for school too much - probably mostly for work and outings that do not require much to carry.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Outfit of the Day & Esprit

Woke up with the urge to try something new...thought the hues of this flannel shirt and the shimmers in this J.Crew skirt made an interesting outfit for a bummy day at work.
(Taken in the bathroom at work LOL)

On a side note, I cannot believe how quick Esprit is with their shipping! 

I took a few shots as i tried on the pieces for the first time

Sunday, January 15, 2012

ESPRIT Sale Picks

After braving the cold weather today in my flimsy jacket, I decided to finally get a winter coat. Since Esprit is having a pretty decent sale plus an additional 40% off with code (jansale2), I decided to give their jacket a try.

Here is the jacket I picked:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diamonds in the Sky

Since it is way too cold to go out today, I decided to stay home and do my nails!

Zoya's Nikki is one of my favorite pinks. Its a bit frosty with a hint of shimmer. I  love to go shimmer overboard so I put on Glimmer and then loaded the tips of my nails with Essie's Silver Bullions (a trick I picked up from Jelly's Nails). 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday Shopping

Below are some things that I picked up from this past Sunday.

Banana Republic - The Gold Grandma Cardigan - $26.99

It caught my eye right away since I've been looking for a gold cardigan/sweater for a while now. Unfortunately, I found this in the sale section and the smallest size was a S - and it's not even petite sizing. But luckily, the fit of the cardi was not baggy at all and looked decent with a belt.  The sleeves were a tad long and loose so I remedied it by folding and pulling them up a bit.

This is how I wore it to work. Looks nice with gold jewelry too. Gold ftw! lol

Gold Cardigan - Banana Republic - Size Small
White V-Neck Tee - H&M Divided Tee - Size 2
Vintage Belt - Stole from Mama
Black Slacks - Gap True Straight Pants - Size 00P
Black Heels - Aldo - Size 6

In addition, I also bought more casual pieces that day - a green gingham button down (which has been widely acknowledged by other petite bloggers) and a pair of medium grey jeggings.  I don't know if I will keep them yet but here are some pics. 

 Green Gingham Shirt - H&M - Size 2 ($19.90)

Grey Jeggings - Size 2 ($19.90)

Both are great staples to a wardrobe but a part of me wants to wait to see if I can get them on sale! I guess I'll just take pics in them soon and see how I feel then. lol

Monday, January 9, 2012

J.Crew Sale

Went to J.Crew yesterday and snagged these earmuffs on sale for $6! I saw these earlier this season, but was unwilling to dish out $45 for them. Guess I made the right choice since they were on sale for $10 with an additional 40% off yesterday =) My ears are going to be warm for the rest of winter. 


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Shopping Shots

Got a chance to step into a few stores after dinner with friends today. I picked up two things that automatically caught my eye, but I still need time to debate on the fit.
Muji Gingham Shirt in Small - on sale for $20

H&M Blazer (Current)- $34.95

On a side note, here is my favorite nail polish at the moment. I find this color to be the perfect mix between nude and gray- neutral enough to wear to work!

I'm really hoping that Winny and I can meet up this weekend to take more legit pictures!

Outfit of the Day: Business Casual

Hello everyone! This is Winny and I am super excited to make my first blog entry here on fittedframes as well.  In addition, I am also super exhausted and frustrated from spending two plus hours in trying to take decent, blog-worthy pictures of my clothes. Unfortunately, there are little fruits of my inexperienced labor.  Props go out to all you bloggers out there that devote so much time and effort into your sites! Nonetheless, I hope to share with you some of the newest steals and additions to my petite friendly wardrobe. I actually wore the pieces below today for work hence the title of the entry. Enjoy!

Jacket: H&M- last season's style (Size 2)

Truth is, I was really hesitant in getting both of the above. Beginning with the heels, I really disliked the extra large studded plaque that rests on top of the toe.  I ordered it mainly as a stuffer for free shipping. Had the plaque been smaller and did not extend out of the toe parameters, I would have bought it in a heartbeat considering the price I paid for these were a little under $25! But when I received them in the mail and pranced around in them, I fell in love with the gorgeous green patent and how comfortable these actually were for nearly 4 inch heels.  So far, I've worn it with dark skinny denim and grey slacks - the pumps add such a nice and interesting detail to a more basic outfit. But hey, I understand how they may not be everyone's cup of tea. Some of my co-workers told me that the heels looked really nice.  Maggie says they look like Chinese foot binding shoes. haha I could see what she means but still, I love them and I plan to wear them much more often when warmer weather rolls around. In this photo shoot, I wasn't really able to take good pics of them since I had no tripod and was operating solo. So next time I pair them with something, I will be sure to make up for this today's visual deficit for these guys.

Now, the H&M jacket was bought for $20 (on sale, original was $35) and I really liked the style and flattering cut of the jacket. BUT I could not stand how awkward the jacket looked when I sit which results in a bulging opening between the second and third button.  It becomes rather unsightly.  If there was no undershirt, it's as if it's a window for my belly button to say hi. lol  In addition, the material is H&M quality - which is not that great.  But in the end, my fascination with the unique silhouette and collar of the jacket rendered it a purchase to come home with me. I persuaded myself with how I could sew on a hidden hook to keep the fabric from separating (which I haven't gotten around to yet).  And if worse comes to worse, I will just wear it unbuttoned.  Like the shoes, Maggie shows disfavor towards this jacket. I have my own reservations about it as well as I have stated above. But hopefully, in my future shopping expeditions, I will find something with a similar cut, but higher quality, and void of uneven fabric distribution. I'm not completely happy with this purchase but good enough for $20 as of now.

So here are some meager pics that I managed to take of myself in them and that I had to reluctantly choose. 

The collar and cut looks so sophisticated yet classy. I wore F21 pearls underneath to soften the sharp and defined lines of the jacket. Again, I really wished I could show a full body shot with the Talbots pumps but something just kept getting cut off in my pictures.  Getting annoyed just thinking about it. 

Hopefully, next time will be better. 



Sunday, January 1, 2012

CVS Beauty Clearance Raid

This is my first blog entry on Fitted Frames! I'm excited to be sharing my purchases and experiences with our readers =)

I'm a recent follower of Nouveau Cheap and I've basically been obsessed with this blog! As a makeup hoarder/ bargain hunter, you can only imagine my reaction when I saw the post on the CVS beauty clearance. I managed to make my way to a couple of stores and here is what I picked up:
Maybelline Eyestudio Creme Eye Shadow trio in Neutral Liaisons
Original Price: $7.79
Sale Price: (50% off) $3.90
Used a $1 off coupon
Final Price: $2.90

The colors come out quite pigmented, but I prefer to use these as a base for my other eye shadows (the first shade is too similar to my skin color to be used by itself).

Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in Lavender Meadow and Blushed Wines
Original Price: $7.29
Sales Price: (75% off) $1.83
Again, very pigmented but I find the staying power to be lacking- for an eye shadow that claims to last 12 hours...it doesn't really cut it.

Almay Intense i-color trios for hazels, greens, and browns

Original Price: $7.99
Sale Price: (75% off) $2.35

I haven't opened these yet cause I just found a $2 off Almay coupon in my P&G saver two days ago. I'm debating if I should bring them back for a price adjustment...if I do, the final price of these come out to 35 cents! (This is definitely extreme couponing worthy if you get your hands on this coupon and still manage to find these at your CVS!)

Happy New Years! My New Years Resolution is to commit myself to this blog and see where it leads!


CVS, Maybelline, Almay, Revlon, eye shadow